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CRE8 2019 - Connecting Women in Commercial Real Estate

September 19, 2019 wrapped up a successful year for CRE8.

CRE8 is a social organization for women, with a primary focus on landlord representatives and brokers. The commercial real estate industry has come a long way in improving diversity and fostering growth and career development for women, but the reality is that we still have a long way to go. The purpose of this platform is to create opportunities and encourage women to come together, make new or enhance existing

relationships, share valuable knowledge and ultimately empower one another to grow and advance in their careers- an opportune time given our ever-evolving industry landscape.

The CRE8 committee has spent countless hours meeting and discussing this organization and what would be the perfect way to launch this platform to the real estate community. In June 2018, CRE8 hosted its inaugural event- a cocktail reception held on the rooftop patio at The Chase with a perfect summer’s evening as the backdrop. CRE8 was beyond moved by the 80+ women who attended and stayed into

the late hours of the evening, networking, laughing and building relationships. The overwhelming amount of accolades and positive feedback that was received spoke volumes as to what these women were looking for, and the organization knew that this was an initiative that had to keep going.

We are proud to have our newest member, Izzy, be a founder of this incredible organization.

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