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Cushman Wakefield Office Concept

In 2017, the Cushman Wakefield West office moved to the heartland of the Greater Toronto Area’s industrial market at 1 Prologis Boulevard in Mississauga. This Class-A, LEED CD Gold certified building provides our staff with a high-performance environment that motivates like no other.

Designed by Gensler on the basis of an activity based workplace concept the new office space provides state of the art technology with a variety of working spaces to satisfy every employee’s needs. We believe that our workplace is a shining example of the work that we deliver.

The Workplace Concept:

  • Our workplace design focused on the following notions:

  • An [85:15] Open to Closed planning ratio

  • Dedicated 1:1 seat assignments

  • Standard – 10×12 (120sf) interior office & 5’x5’.6” desk footprint

  • Creating “Neighbourhoods” that are surrounded by all the necessary support spaces such as individual Focus Room, Meeting Rooms, Print Services

  • Variety of working environments to allow staff flexibility in how/where they wish to be productive throughout the day

  • Technology enabled with easy plug/play AV features and Wireless connectivity available throughout

  • Corporate branding and engagement with our partners

Collaboration, Health and Well Being Encouraged

With a variety of work environments for our staff collaboration is welcomed and encouraged. Pitch rooms provide a space with interactive video whiteboard technology. Focus rooms provide staff with space for private communication. Large private meeting areas including a mega-size boardroom are ideal for meeting and collaboration.

For user flexibility and customization, we’ve included 100% electrified sit-stand desks to give all occupants the option to work at varying heights throughout the day to meet their own personal levels of comfort.

Knowing we were going to a more open environment, implementation of a sound masking system was key to alleviate staff concerns over privacy and acoustic issues.

Our inbound office model ensures that all staff has access to daylight and exterior views from their desk space.

Designing Your Work Place for Employee Satisfaction

As technology becomes more and more sophisticated offices need to adapt. Not only is it changing what companies want out of a space but what employees expect out of their workplace environment. How can you find and design a workplace that will function for your company today and five to ten years from now? Working with a corporate advisor will help. The ability to understand technological trends, a specific businesses needs and the current marketplace allows for strategic planning.

Contact us for all full overview of our office concept.

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