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Leasing Corporate Space: Top Traits of a Property Manager

When leasing a corporate space in the Greater Toronto Area, whether it be a retail centre, office, or industrial complex, you are investing in more than just a space. The overall experience needs to feel right; you need the right space, the right location, and you need to be dealing with the right people — including the property manager and landlord.

When you work with a tenant representation team in the Toronto area, they will know the questions to ask about building maintenance, fee structure, and tenant retention, for example. There are also personal traits you can quickly discern with a simple conversation. These important factors will ensure you make the right choice when leasing office space in Toronto area suburbs.

Excellent communication skills

Looking at this from a basic level, a great property manager is prompt and clear in communication. If your tenant representation team leaves a voicemail or sends and email and the property manager doesn’t get back to them, you can expect this is a trend that will continue after you lease the space.

As a tenant, you need to be able to trust that there will be no misunderstanding in communication, which is often the cause of many conflicts tenants have with property managers and landlords. Transparency is key in maintaining a good working relationship.

Knowledge of the industry

When it comes to leasing in the GTA, it can be an overwhelming industry to wrap your head around. But it’s a property manager’s job to be knowledgeable and speak with authority — they should be an expert. But remember, you have help when it comes to lease negotiations, office relocations and renewals and exit strategies — that’s why you are working with a corporate real estate team. They will ask the right questions and will know if they are getting the appropriate responses.

Maintaining a professional relationship

When you sign a tenant/property agreement, you are signing a binding contract that needs to be maintained at a highly professional level. You run your business impartially and professionally, and a property manager should work with tenants in the same way, relaying information and taking action as your official agent in your leased office space.

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