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What Does it Cost to Build your Office in the GTA?

Creating the perfect office space in the GTA is integral in the day-to-day of your business. Not only does it play a significant role in aesthetic and optics, but it establishes your corporate culture and can either increase or hinder employee productivity.

The Greater Toronto Area holds great opportunity for building the corporate space you envision while keeping your bottom line in mind. We have taken the time to compile the numbers you need to make the big decisions in designing and building the workspace your organization deserves.

Basic office space in the GTA

A basic office space in the GTA commonly consists of large open areas as opposed to partitioned offices and meeting rooms. Typically, a basic office build involves painted, insulated drywall, solid core doors with standard hardware, relocating sprinklers and lighting as needed, telephone, media and electrical rough-ins, painting and standard carpeting.

Total cost: $32 – $42/sq.ft.

Upgraded office space in the GTA

Similar to a basic office, an upgraded office in the Greater Toronto Area suburbs has more open space than partitioned offices and meeting rooms. And, as above, the build involves painted, insulated drywall and telephone, media and electrical rough-ins; but sees upgrades to finishings throughout. These upgrades may include sound baffles in main spaces, vinyl wall coverings, Full height wood veneer doors, custom millwork, and stone or wood file flooring in some areas.

Total cost: $43 – $55/sq. ft.

Premium office space in the GTA

As in an upgraded office space, the a premium office space in the GTA will see upgraded wall finishes in high traffic areas. Wood doors and frames with heavier duty hardware and glass partitions may be included in some areas. High quality finishes will be prominent in reception areas and boardrooms, where clients and visitors are often found. Built-in custom millwork is often found in the boardroom, reception area, kitchen and lunchroom as required and upgraded wood or stone tiling is coupled with premium quality carpeting.

Total cost: $56+/sq. ft.

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